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South Korean Ex-Gangster Shot Dead in Tokyo Karaoke Bar

TOKYO, JAPAN – The Japan Times reports that on January 21, 2019 a 65-year-old South Korean named Lee Hung-jong was shot dead at a karaoke bar in Kabukicho.

The police received an emergency call from the staff of the karaoke bar around 6:30pm on Monday where gunshots and a bleeding man were reported. Lee was found face down on the fourth floor in front of the elevator and was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Of increasing interest to the police is Lee’s time as a yakuza (gangster) twenty years prior. He was a member of the Sumiyoshikai crime syndicate which may mean that these killings are related to the crime families of Japan.

It is highly likely that the crime was premeditated as the suspect had an escape vehicle ready and left the scene on a motorcycle. While police have been able to gather evidence through blood stains and shell casings, it is currently unclear whether or not they have surveillance footage of the suspect or the attack.

According to the Japan Times, the karaoke bar is “…in the center of the Kabukicho district and is about 500 meters northeast of JR Shinjuku Station. A number of yakuza are based in the area, which has become increasingly popular as the number of foreign tourists in Tokyo has increased.”

The gun has not been found and so far, there are no solid suspects or leads in the case that have been made known to the public.

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